Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant

Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant is an authentic Italian restaurant that is open from Mondays through Sundays for our customers and followers. You can dine with us or hire us to provide you with high-quality service and genuine Italian cuisine for your special events. For every craving that you have for the native dishes from Italy, we all have them for you. All you have to do is make a reservation with us and we will have you scheduled as early as possible.

Due to the influx of customers that we have every day, we are resorting to a robust booking system that will help you get a seat for you and your family or friends as early as possible. Please take note that if you require a particular date for your event, be sure to book us months before so that we can block the date for you. It is best to directly contact our customer service support in order to make the necessary adjustments to our schedule. We want to accommodate you with our best service available and we can only do this if we can straighten out every schedule available.

We have great selections of wine and premium drinks at your disposal. Our restaurant work with amazon left hand brace to get the hard-to-find spices and the freshest ingredients in the market. Add to it the fine dining experience that only Piazza can offer from the food, service, to ambience, and a refinement of Italian culture. With the right live music, perfect setting, your visit is a night to remember. Bring your friends and have a wonderful night at Piazza. 

Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant

Our restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine. We guarantee you that all our food are made by Italian chefs who are trained and skilled to cook genuine dishes that are native to the beautiful country of Italy. Anyone can make an Italian dish, to be honest. But it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to create a truly magnificent Italian dish. We want to make a masterpiece out of every plate that comes out of the kitchen. And we can only do this if we choose Italian chefs to head our restaurant.

And we do not stop there. We regularly send our chefs and crew to Italy to continuously hone their abilities to make the best dishes from Italy. We ask the help of Italian restaurant owners to mentor our own chefs and teach them the right way to cook Italian cuisine. Through the years of experience that our head chefs have in the food industry plus the training that they have, we can make sure that we serve our customers the best-tasting dishes that anyone could ever imagine.

Booking and Reservation

Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant is one of the most recognizable locations along the streets of Washington. Long lines and great smell characterize what Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant is all about. Due to the number of loyal customers who patronize our food and the restaurant, in general, we are requesting those who want to dine with us to make reservation weeks in advance. This is just to make sure that you will be guaranteed a seat in our lounge and eat in our restaurant. You can check out our website every day for voucher codes and coupon codes to get special discounts when you order from us.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay when you dine in our restaurant. Experience Italian food and culture at its finest when you visit Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant.

Visit Us

  • President Kennedylaan 19, 2517 JK Den Haag, Netherlands
  • +31 88 099 1010
  • M-S / 10:00AM to 11:00 PM
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