Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in all of Washington. Just coming out of a five-star review of the world-renowned restaurant critic Jean Lebisque, Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant has become the place to go to if one is looking for an authentic Italian cuisine right in the heart of Washington.

  • Five-star restaurant

We have been recognized around the world as a five-star restaurant providing genuine Italian food through native cooking styles and techniques. All of our chief chefs are from Italy. They have worked for us for about ten years. They trained in Italy and garnered knowledge and information about the right way of cooking Italian cuisine from the mentors and chefs of restaurants. They continue to hone their skills as chefs and regularly go to their native country to know more about the updates and modifications that they can do on authentic Italian dishes. If you are from Washington and you want to truly experience the Italian culture through good food and excellent service, you have to try dining with us. We are sure to provide you with the best quality restaurant offering available.

  • Italian food

Have you ever ordered Italian food and then said to yourself that it is not really that authentic. This is true especially to those who are accustomed to eating Italian dishes all of their lives. Our restaurant is owned by an Italian. Our chefs are all Italians. And the crew have been trained in Italy to fully immerse themselves in the way a certain cuisine is cooked. We only want the best to be given to our clients and customers. Showcasing our local talent is one of the qualities that we have. Being recognized in various magazines as a top Italian restaurant in the world as well as being positively reviewed by popular food bloggers and critics have paved the way for our restaurant to be authenticated and verified by them.