About Us

Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant is a luxurious five-star Italian restaurant that is located right in the heart of Washington. We offer good food, excellent ambiance, and truly unique experience. Be immersed in Italian culture by dining with us.  From our chairs and tables that have been imported directly from Bel Paese, or literally translated as “beautiful country.” We hired a local architect to design both the interior and the exterior of the restaurant to give customers the full experience of being in Italy. Whether you want to feel how it is like to be in this charming country or you want to reminisce on your days in Italy, we can give both to you.

Authentic dishes

We aim for authenticity in every aspect of our restaurant. And this is especially true on the food that we serve our customers. We hired an Italian chef and a crew that has been immersed in Italian cooking. We train every employee that we have here to know and be acquainted on the authentic way of cooking Italian food. We guarantee you that every plate that comes out of our kitchen is served to perfection with every customer’s satisfaction in mind.

Booking and reservation

If you want to make reservations, we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to make sure that you have available seats. Upon doing so, we give voucher codes and other special discounts who reserve their seats before going to our restaurant.