Most Expensive Wines of the World

The taste of good food is only heightened with a nice cup of wine on your wine. It gives more flavor to the pasta or steak that you are eating. It completes the whole experience of dining in a luxurious five-star restaurant. If you have not yet tried to eat with wine, you better try it. You can check out restaurants like Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant if it has voucher codes or promo codes that it offers customers just to know how it is like to eat with a delicious-tasting wine that accompanies a perfectly-cooked meal.

Now that you know how essential wine is in a meal, let us look at the most expensive wines in the world.

A bottle of this wine will cost you just a little less than $20,000 or more exactly, $19,702. The brand is called DRC to collectors. And the maximum price of a bottle that is most sought by wine enthusiasts has reached over $550,000. The name itself came from the famous vineyard, the Romanée-Conti.


But why is this kind of wine so expensive? What makes people spend thousands of dollars on such an expensive bottle of wine? For one, you have to look at the pedigree of the wine. The brand itself is very collectible. And the vineyard that produces the wine only creates 450 cases per year. That means that not all people are able to taste the contents of the bottle. And as the years pass by and the wine ages more, it becomes more and more expensive.

Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese

If you happen to come across this bottle of wine and you want to taste it, be sure to have at least $13,000 in your pocket. The wine that comes from the vineyard of the Muller can be traced back to its roots in 1797. The wines produced from the vineyard are described as balanced, fine, authentic, and high quality. Egon Muller is part of the group called Primum Familiae Vini, an elite association of family-owned wine producers. This brand is the only German member of the group.