What to look for in a Good Italian Restaurant

Have you recently dined at an Italian restaurant? Does it seem that more and more restaurants nowadays are claiming to be an authentic Italian restaurant when the truth is that a lot of people can really distinguish between real and not real? For those who cannot identify which Italian restaurants create genuine Italian food masterpieces and which are not, here are some tips that you have to remember:

Look at the garlic bread

Can you smell the aroma of a good garlic bread being cooked in the kitchen? Can you taste the garlic that has been rubbed on the surface of the bread? Do you love the flavor that the olive oil gives to the bread once it is soaked and dipped before cooking? Authentic garlic bread is prepared this way- with garlic and extra virgin olive oil. This is called Bruschetta Aglio e olio or literally translated as bruschetta with garlic and oil. Do you identify what is missing? Butter! Yes, you are right. Butter is not included in authentic garlic bread. If you come into a restaurant and taste the butter on garlic bread, then you can say that this restaurant does not have its roots on the native dishes of Italy.

Taste the carbonara

Another food that most people pick in an Italian restaurant is the carbonara. Most of us can identify what a carbonara is. It has cream, bacon, and Parmesan cheese. And time and time again, we order this kind of pasta in Italian restaurants. But the truth is that carbonara is just a simple dish. It is prepared much like any pasta that a genuine Italian chef will prepare. You cook the pasta, make the bacon as crispy as possible, and then pour the pancetta on the pasta. After this, you get raw eggs and then pour it on the pancetta. The eggs will be partially cooked as they are placed on top of the cooked pasta and sauce and this will give the carbonara a creamy feel.

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